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About Me

Yep, I had a job once! A loooooooooooong time ago!

I’m 36 years old, married to the love of my life and best friend Kristin (believe it or not!), and we have 2 little monkeys named Kole and Karter (9 & 6 respectively). We live about an hour west of Austin TX, out in the country…where we enjoy peace and quiet, lots of wild animals, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and more!

The last time I had a job was when I was 19 years old – I worked for a couple years as an apprentice plumber.  Lots of hard, nasty work (that I didn’t mind actually…I’ve always enjoyed hard work). What put me off the whole job thing wasn’t maybe what you’d expect…the nastiness plumbers deal with daily!

No, not that at all! It was the lack of leverage…the lack of freedom and flexibility…the lack of control.

I was exposed to entrepreneurial pursuits by my dad, when I was young. (I was 7 years old – thanks Dad!!)

That planted seeds in me that over time have caused me to be permanently un-employable.  And it’s been a wild ride – high highs, low lows. All over the map (literally…14 moves in the past 14 years)!  We’ve experienced bankruptcy (2003), repossession, eviction and homelessness….and on the opposite end of the spectrum, lavish vacations, months on end of hardly “working” at all while making over $20,000/mo…and we’re better for it. Grateful for the journey!

I like to write about my entrepreneurial pursuits, travel, and family.  My wife shows up as the author here from time to time…she’s a great writer and occasionally succumbs to pressure from me to write an awesome post for the blog here.

If you tend to be entrepreneurial, or are interested in anything from learning a quick way to make extra money, to building an empire and making millions of dollars…stick around 🙂

2013-07-06 18.16.16

Us at Paki Point, in Bocas Del Toro, Panama last summer

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