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Developing The “Work To Live” Mindset

Most people live to work. I’ve met very few people who really understand the phrase “work to live”, much less practice it.

The funny (actually terrifying) thing is that most don’t realize it…


Wake up. Get ready for work. Eat breakfast (if you’re lucky). Sit in traffic. Work. Sit in traffic. Eat dinner. Do something underwhelming with your family or friends (if you’re lucky). Go to sleep. Rinse. Repeat.


It doesn’t get much better if you’re an entrepreneur (worse actually!) or “home business owner” – you’re just working for a different overlord.

The realization that you’re slowly leaking your life away, like a dripping faucet with a finite water supply, will set in sooner or later… hopefully today.

When it does, you’ll want to watch this video I made for you. In it, I outline the first fundamental step you’ll need to take in order to live that envious life you’ve had in your head for so many years. Hopefully you find it as valuable as it actually is.