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I had a job once,

now I have time.
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My Story

Hi, I’m Kristian… Yep, I had a job once! A looooooooooong time ago!

Now I have time… I’m a husband, a father, and an adventurer. I love monkeys. I hate cake. I’m 42 years old, married to the love of my life and best friend Kristin (believe it or not!), and we have 2 little monkeys named Kole and Karter (15 & 12 respectively). We live in Makawao, Hawaii… where we enjoy the best day to day quality of life we’ve ever had!

Latest Stories

I like to write about my entrepreneurial pursuits, travel, and family. If you tend to be entrepreneurial, or are interested in anything from learning a quick way to make extra money, to building an empire and making millions of dollars… stick around!

Here A Guru, There A Guru, Everywhere An Internet Guru.

Webinars, e-books, retreats, membership sites, conference calls and courses -- all standard information products peddled by various personalities around the web, all claiming to be authorities on their respective topics. You see these offers daily -- how to lose...

Wake Up! You Fanatical MLMer.

The fanatical MLMer... they drive me NUTS! You know this person -- you might even BE this person. If you are, I'm politely asking you to STOP IT and wake up! You're probably a newbie.. but in some cases you may be a long-time vet. Your MLM is the greatest company in...


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