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Trade Your Six-Figure JOB For A Seven-Figure LIFE

PREFACE: Earlier this year, I was fortunate to participate as a coach in my first “high-ticket” live seminar.

I joined up with a few of my successful Internet marketing friends on stage in Arizona, where we revealed a bunch of our wealth-generating secrets to a hand-selected oversold audience of nearly 70 people.


Every person paid $3000 to be in the room. The feedback we received that weekend was overwhelmingly positive. The audience learned a ton.


But I’m certain that I was the one who actually learned the most valuable lesson of the weekend. I learned who my ideal client (or customer) is. The audience was filled with them, and as a result, everyone came away with a value-packed experience, including myself.

The following “guide” is a detailed portrait of this ideal client – along with the first and most valuable mindset lesson I cover in my coaching.


Maybe you’re a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, a salesman, or a real estate agent.

You’re a professional, or a business owner… and a darn good one.

You’re driven, smart, and you’ve done well for yourself in your chosen profession. Your assets reflect this.

You earn six-figures or more every year, like clockwork. Having money isn’t really an issue for you anymore.

You’ve expected this all along. After all, it’s one of the big reasons WHY you chose to do what you do.

BUT, you’ve gained an unintended profession as well.

You’re a professional SLAVE.

I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted. –Frederick Douglass

With your big earnings come big responsibilities and time commitments. So big, that your profession consumes the majority of your life.

You live to work.

Everything else automatically comes second… even if you desperately want it to come first (health, family, travel, happiness).

If you haven’t gotten sick of living like this yet… you will soon enough.

Inevitably, in the grand currency exchange of “Life”, there comes a moment when money and professional fulfillment just don’t trade as profitably with time.

For some, this moment comes sooner than others… but you can bet that it ALWAYS comes.

That moment of disgust… of time completely and irreversibly lost to the daily grind. Nothing to show for it, outside of bigger numbers in a bank account and more so called “security”.

You start to realize that most of your experiences have become narrow and shallow.

Your life is steadily rolling down a rural road, and you’re sitting in the passenger seat… watching.

Devoting more time and energy to widening and deepening your life experiences would take away from your work. And that’s simply not an option, right?

When that realization hits you, the search always begins.

The desperate hunt for something… anything that tips the scales in favor of time freedom. Anything that might give you the flexibility to [leisure] travel more, love more, play more — and be more happy.

But that search turns up SO MANY options nowadays. There are “gurus”, guidebooks, tutorials, seminars, and tons of other information products out there trying to tug you in every direction.

Looking back, my moment came early in my professional career. This should have given me LOTS of time to find the RIGHT option. Unfortunately, I was so young and eager that instead of choosing the RIGHT option, I chose the FIRST option:

…MLM (or Network Marketing).

Where were you when I needed you Bob Ross?

My search for time-freedom landed me in a dark, dank time-prison for the better part of two decades.

Oops. But that’s a story for another day. We’re focusing on YOU right now.

What do you do once you’ve had your moment? Where do you start?

This is where I get excited about working with you; the professional.

You are the easiest (and most enjoyable!) type of client to coach on this [otherwise difficult] topic.

Here’s why:

  • By definition, you don’t try and reinvent the wheel. You do what works. (You’re a do-er.)
  • You’ve learned what countless others have learned before you and applied it to your own business to make a great income. (You’re a great student.)
  • You value education and are willing to spend money to acquire new skills, and to stay proficient with current ones. (You’re SMART!)
  • You know what success looks and feels like, and you take responsibility for achieving it. (You’re not a whiner or a victim.)

I realized during that weekend in Arizona that I don’t want to spend another moment of my life babysitting someone who doesn’t fit these criteria.

A professional is a man who can do his job when he doesn’t feel like it; an amateur is one who can’t when he does feel like it. –James Agate

So how do you, the professional with the traits above, trade your well-paying JOB in for a better-paying LIFE?

The answer is deceivingly simple, and you’ve already done it once!

Here it is, in steps:

Step 1: Create a NEW “future you”

Your old perspective and early life experiences are what propelled you towards your current profession and your current life. So it makes sense, now that you’ve had a breakthrough, to reconsider what your ideal life would look like.

Who is the new future you?
What do they want to do with their life?
How much FREE time do they need to do it?
How much is it going to cost the new future you to have this life?

Come up with a simple statement like this one:
“I can design the life of my dreams on $1M or more per year, working from anywhere I wish at 20 or less hours per week.”

Be realistic… you still have to work. But be generous and don’t cut yourself short either.

Dr. Evil’s “future you” was a tad ambitious…

You CAN earn your cake and eat it too.

(Of course, you can design a life where you don’t have to work at all. But let’s walk before we run!)

Step 2: Find people that are LIVING the statement you created above

At some point, you saw someone doing what you do now — and said to yourself “I’m gonna do that too”.
And here you are… doing that.

And just like the first exercise above, it’s time to rewrite your reality by finding someone new to look up to.

Not just anyone though.
Look for those who ACTUALLY HAVE the exact type of life you wish to have.

This is SO important!
The lives that people really HAVE, are almost always different than the deceptive lives they DISPLAY to the world.

That is why this step is going to be the most difficult for you.

You already have the experience and motivation required to capture the life you want. But all the experience and motivation in the world won’t amount to much if you’re chasing false idols.

You may have someone close to you who’s living your dream, and this might be a great place to start.
But if you’re having trouble separating the real winners from the jokers — you might check out this post I wrote for starters.

The process of choosing mentors is tricky. There are some you’ll want to be leery of even if they really DO have the life you want. Sometimes the way they got there can’t be duplicated, despite what they might tell you. Go into your relationships with open eyes, and don’t rush it at the expense of due diligence.

Step 3: Become a professional… again.

Do the same as you’ve done with your professional career.

Don’t get fancy. Don’t get creative. Don’t overthink it. What works for them, will work for you… just like it has before.

Research the skills and methods your “life idol(s)” use to create their lives. Now learn those skills.

Put the same effort into this as you did for your current profession.

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results. –Tony Robbins

Pay for the chance to learn from them and accelerate your education (and your results!) if that’s an option. This keeps you both invested in the process.

Also, pay close attention to how they have designed their life for maximum freedom. This IS a learned skill, and it is as important as any other (if not more!).

It turns out that many of the paths that lead to a better, more leveraged life are actually much simpler and have fewer moving parts than most professional paths do.

Now go take action!

Nothing is going to change if you don’t.

PS. This may seem like a over-simplified guide for creating a better life, and the truth is, it is. But it’s exactly what I did to get on the path to complete time freedom myself. There will be many additional steps, gotchas, what-ifs and potential detours along the way.