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Last week, Kristin and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

We’d talked about doing some big crazy exotic trip, but ended up deciding to do something simple so we could continue to save towards other big plans we have this year. We’ve learned in the last couple years that carefully budgeting and planning is a much better plan than “winging it” šŸ™‚

It ended up being JUST what we needed! Very relaxing, great to “unplug” for a couple days straight, and get to spend lots of consecutive hours focused on each other (kinda like the old days…before kids!).

We’ve spent some time before in Fredericksburg…

So we knew we generally liked the feel of the historic town about an hour from us here in Spicewood, TX. Ā We like the “Main Street”…lots of old interesting businesses, interesting owners, stories, etc. Really fun to walk up and down window shopping, tasting different food products (some of the BEST Peach Butter I’ve ever had…). Ā Very scenic and historic feeling. We like! Ā Fredericksburg is located in Texas Hill Country, so the whole area is really beautiful (even in the winter)!

Once we decided that we wanted to spend our little getaway there, we just needed to find the perfect place.

Enter “Barons Creekside”

A little bit of poking around on Trip Advisor and Yelp quickly led us to Barons Creekside. Ā Hundreds of 5 star reviews made it a really easy decision. Booking their nicest Swiss Log Cabin, the “Rhine Fall” was quick and easy. Daniel, the owner, was great to deal with.

Check out some of the pictures we took and you’ll see why we loved it:

2014-02-06 07.59.50

2014-02-06 07.59.26

Pretty awesome right?

The inside of this cabin is over the top. The story on this property is amazing. Sooo much to see, read and experience at Barons Creekside! We talked about taking a few pictures but quickly bailed on that idea because the owners’ website has SUCH GREAT 360 degree pictures of the inside – see those here if you’d like

We made it there and back without incident, despite it being unusually cold our entire trip…the temperature didn’t get above freezing our whole outing! Look what happens to the waterfall near our cabin when it gets into the low 20s!

2014-02-06 07.58.37

2014-02-06 07.58.53

Here’s a shot of the man-made creek on the property:

2014-02-06 10.21.29

We treated ourselves to a couples’ massage (and pedicure but don’t tell anyone I told you this…first pedicure in my life). Holy cow.

We enjoyed great meals in town – AMAZING steak at Crossroads’ Steak House:

Crossroads in Fredericksburg

Excellent breakfast at the Sunset Grill:

2014-02-06 08.25.32

TheĀ CaramelizedĀ Banana French Toast looked better than it tasted…but was good!

2014-02-06 08.25.36

The Swiss Eggs Benedict – wow, we’ll go back specifically to enjoy this again!

All in all, it was a great quick get away for us. We loved the property and experience so much that we’re planning on a return visit with our boys later this year! Ā We’re grateful for the wild ride these 15 years have been. We love each other and are looking forward to the next 15!

Really cool side note: This outing cost us about $1200. During that time, our business brought us well over $2000 in income šŸ™‚