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I’m taking a little detour from my planned blog for today because I can’t hold in my enthusiasm about our visit to Sullivan’s Steakhouse.

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I simply must give credit where credit is due!

Today Kristian and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary!

Kristian surprised me with a date to Sullivan’s Steakhouse in downtown Austin.

I’d never been there but a juicy filet mignon sounded great to me!

We splurged and valet parked and upon entering the restaurant were greeted formally by a very friendly hostess and maitre’d. Upon confirming our name and reservations, they both wished us a happy anniversary. “Well, that’s sweet,” I thought, “Now onto a lovely dinner and hopefully good service.”

The restaurant is white-tablecloth-and-candlelight-elegant. It’s simple but super classy. And empty. Only 2 other tables have guests. “Hm. I hope we’re not the only ones who didn’t get the memo about this place.”

We’re greeted by a knowledgeable and very friendly young man who cheerfully wishes us a happy anniversary then explains some of the evening’s off-the-menu choices. We pull out all the stops and order the 12 oz. bone-in filet mignon with giant prawns. “This better be AMAZING for $62!” (We NEVER shell out this kind of money on eating out.)

Our meals arrived promptly and were much smaller than we had anticipated. Nevertheless, good things come in small packages, right? Ha ha. Let’s hope so. First bite. “Mm.” Second bite. “Oh wow.” Third bite on, “Mmmm… so good!” All the while we were eating, about half a dozen staffed stopped by our table to wish us a happy 14th anniversary. It was so nice and personal! I felt like we had been “regulars” there for years.

So our $62 steak dinners were great, but here comes the part that really pushed Sullivan’s to the top. After dinner, our server asked us what sorts of desserts we liked. Kristian replied that the bananas foster looked tempting and as for me, well, chocolate of course. Anything chocolate. Our server mumbled something about a surprise and then disappeared.

A few minutes later, the maitre’d swung by to wish us all the best and then told us that he had purchased our dessert for us! We were floored! Immediately following, our dessert arrived. Here’s a picture of it:

Warm Chocolate Cake, Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, chocolate-covered strawberries and strawberries with fresh, whipped cream!
Warm Chocolate Cake, Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, chocolate-covered strawberries and strawberries with fresh, whipped cream!

We were so shocked at the personal touch. We felt so special! It gets better. With our dessert came a young woman who took our picture with this lovely dessert, printed it out and brought it back to us in a framed card to take home.

14 years and still smiling!
14 years and still smiling!

Kristian and I agree that our visit to Sullivan’s left us with warm fuzzies all over. By far one of the most memorable anniversaries. And by the way, by the time we were almost finished, the restaurant had filled out. Nearly every table was taken.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse has 20 locations, so there’s bound to be one near you! We highly recommend the filet mignon.

(Oh and in the time that we spent eating a $200, 5-star dinner, we made $350 with Empower Network. We think that’s pretty special, too. Happy 14th Anniversary to us!)