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With Awebers’ recent changes in how we construct broadcasts and followup messages, I’ve had more and more questions on how to put messages together.

To answer those questions, I just did a screen recording I’d like to share here that’ll walk you through how to put your messages together quickly and easily – enjoy!


Don’t miss the use of my “results folder” in Aweber broadcasting

If you haven’t been building your own “results folder” and using it in your messaging, you’re missing out!! It’s a GREAT way to showcase successes on our team in your messaging, and by using snippets from Facebook, you’re subtly increasing your trust factor with a lot of people (Facebook is generally regarded as a “trusted media”).

Start looking for opportunities to grab your own collection of snippets (small screenshots) right now. Seriously – go look at our Extreme Team Facebook page right now, and start building your own results folder.

It’ll serve you well!