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Buenos dias, amigos!

bocas town hut

I love waking up in Bocas Town!

The sun almost always shines, the sparkly water is visible from almost everywhere, and the people just seem happy, bustling about town.

paradeA children’s parade is about to start right outside our hotel. All the kids are in costume!

Oooooh, but it’s hot. It’s much hotter here than it has been everywhere else. I guess it’s the humidity, though I’m not noticing that as much as it just feels hot, and most places don’t have A/C.

Shopping and Eating in Bocas Town!

After some breakfast and blogging this morning, we decided to go on a hunt for some good souvenir t-shirts. For as “touristy” as this place is, it sure is hard to find a great t-shirt. Each store has one of everything, so if you find one you like, it most likely isn’t your size. Save for one great little place on Main Street which had a lot of quality t’s in many sizes. It had more of that high-end retail feel to it. It also had more of the high-end retail prices that we’re used to also. But we managed to find some cute embroidered “Bocas del Toro” t-shirts for the boys. Kristian and I are still on the look-out. We heard that Isla Carenero has the best gift shops and we’re going there on Sunday.

During our hunt, we stopped at John’s Bakery which has sounded appealing since we arrived on Isla Colon. We went in and found a clean, tidy, sweet-smelling bakery. It’s owned by a Chinese family and they make some pretty delicious, unique treats. The boys got doughnuts that were cut like a bagel, filled with creme, put back together, then drizzled with caramel and chocolate with a cherry on top! I got some kind of chocolate bread and Kristian got a caramelized pretzel thing.

doughnut karter

Knowing that we’re about to sugar crash, we headed toward Gringo’s – a restaurant that serves authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food. I am really craving fresh food again, so I ordered chicken taco salads for the boys and I and Kristian ordered a simmered steak taco. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t as great as Kristian’s, as a few bites in, realized that my chicken wasn’t fully cooked! If you know me, you know that that’s NOT OK. Food safety, people! I know, I know, my words land on deaf ears around here. I returned both salads and waited for a second batch. The second salad was fine, and even though the guy working was very apologetic, I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth about that place.


We thought we’d go back and get changed for the beach, but when we got back to the room, nobody felt like doing anything but sittin’ around – me most of all. I’m exhausted.

Bocas Town Water Issue:

WELL! We are currently experiencing what it’s like to be without water. I’ve heard many times that “it happens,” but it has yet to happen until just now! I went to wash my hands (which already had soap on them) and nothing came out. Lovely. I wonder how long this will go on… I’ll keep you updated.
UPDATE: An hour later, the water is back on.

Bocas Town at Sunset

I love early evenings here. The sun is going down, the town is getting more active and out on the balcony, I can hear American music playing on the street. Currently, “Titanium” is blaring and it makes me miss home and yet I’m more at peace here, too, because it makes me feel like home isn’t so far away. Last night, it was Elvis who made me feel at home. 🙂

playgroundBocas Town playground

Now that I’ve had a nap and we’ve all rested in the A/C for a couple of hours, we’re ready to go out and be among people. The sun has almost set, so the temperature has dropped enough to make it completely comfortable – perfect, really.

We’re on a quest to find fish in the water. Since the first night we were here, we haven’t seen any cool fish! What’s up with that? Still, the search is fun.

night walkHostels and hotels on the left, tiny, old shacks of houses on the right.

starfish gazingLooking for fish… (the humidity was steaming up my lens – kinda cool!)

sunsetBoats at sunset

Instead of spending oodles of money at a restaurant tonight, we went to my favorite grocery store in Panama, Super Gourmet, for some deli meat, cheese, apples and CHOCOLATE. Best chocolate I’ve ever had!

Super Gourmet, Bocas Town, Isla Colon

super gourmet

chocolateLocal. Organic. Fresh. Perishable. Dark. Chocolate.

I can’t imagine how I would end this post on a better note!

But if you’re wondering how we’re able to spend 3 1/2 weeks in Panama, here’s how: