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Pitter, patter, drip, drop. Such a nice way to wake up in the morning after such a warm night. Unfortunately, though, the cloud cover is making it extra humid.

Some new guests are arriving to the Dolphin Bay Hideaway today, so we’ve been asked to move to the two upper-deck suites. We knew this before we came here, so it’s not a big deal. Plus, now the boys have their own bathroom and larger bedroom. Hauling all our junk up the stairs to the top floor wasn’t a huge job, but it was a sweaty one. I now feel like I need another shower. But what’s the point?

new room
Our new room upstairs

The humidity is throwing a wrench in our thoughts of taking a 2 hour hike today. None of us feel like doing anything but sitting in front of the fans. So that’s what we did!

Around 11 a.m., we asked Erica if we could go with her gardener who will be harvesting coconuts. Dolphin Bay Hideaway advertises that you can have as many coconut waters as you can drink, but they haven’t had any available yet. Karter has been so excited to try it and everyday has been a disappointment. But today’s the day!

It’s a “harvesting coconut” kind of day!


We hopped in the boat and motored just a short distance to a little house on stilts, surrounded by coconut palms.

banana boat

Harvesting Coconut!

The boys and I hopped out with the gardener for pictures. After striking a deal of $1 and some change for the coconuts and some pineapples, the gardener hacked off a few yellowish ones, chopped off the tops with his machete and handed them to the boys and I. We hauled them back to the boat as the gardener followed behind us with huge bunches of them! I don’t know how much those things weigh, but it’s a lot!

coconut boys 2

Back at DBH, we stuck straws in the tops and gave them a try. Mmmm! I really think they’re good, but the boys and Kristian immediately decided that they were not. Oh well! More for me!

coconut collage
Harvesting coconut to drink!

We spent the next couple of hours, laying in front of fans, playing phone apps. It’s just so hot and sticky. It really sucks the life out of you. Kristian has had some physical ailments the last few days, so coupled with that, he’s really miserable and considering changing hotels. I think I’ve talked him out of it, though. It’s only one more night of no A/C. We really are spoiled!

At 1:30, Kristian asked to go to town with Erica so he can check his email. The internet is down for no apparent reason. It’s not the hotel’s fault this time, though – it’s the signal. These kinds of inconveniences are a reality here, and must be taken into consideration when considering a move here! Taking a 45 minute boat trip to town would get quite old on a daily or even just weekly basis!

The boys and I opted to stay at the DBH and lay around. Actually, we ended up playing hide and seek, playing “Go fish!” and then I reminded the boys how to play war with cards so that I can take a nap. *sigh* It’s only 4pm…


Nap fail. Too hot.

Kristian got home and wanted us to meet the new family that arrived today. They have a 7-year old boy named Jake who is extremely outgoing. Perfect! The boys love that they have someone to pal around with tonight. Too bad they didn’t come sooner and that we’re leaving for El Valle in the morning.


jake 2

Kristian had much to tell from his little trip to Bocas Town for internet access. He decided to go to the Palma Royale where we had stayed for 5 nights, since it’s close to the water taxi area and he already has the Wi-fi password.

Lucky him, the manager saw him sitting there and gave him a 45 minute ear-full about how our Trip Advisor review is full of lies and how she might lose her job because of me, ultimately (I wrote the review.) Kristian stood his (our) ground, which ended with him on the phone with “the boss.” She was an American woman who was really concerned about our experience and apologized for the behavior of her management. She offered us a free night if we ever decide to come back, which I thought was the first appropriate gesture from the management there. Time to update my review! In the end, the manager of the hotel wants Kristian’s head on a plate. What can you do?

Dinner is served! First full house since we’ve been here and it’s a lively, fun group of people around the table tonight. An extra table has been added to the end of the big square to accommodate everyone. It’s been decided that Kristian will live here with Jake’s father who also just wants to sell everything and move to Panama. Just jokes, but it made for hysterical laughter at the table.

I’m ending the evening with a fresh piña colada and some pictures of some lizards we saw today!

jesus lizard
Kristian found this Jesus Lizard on the grounds today. Isn’t he cute? Talented to boot! He can run on water!

toilet guy
This little guy has been hanging out all day on the back of our toilet. There are a lot of bugs on the vase of flowers on the back of the toilet. He doesn’t even move when someone sits down.

El Valle in the morning for the last leg of our trip!