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How are your Opens and Clicks lookin?

It’s been a little more than 7 months since we started working online with Empower Network. We’ve learned A LOT. Getting to take a well priced, really well put together product to a global marketplace that is hungry for what we have sounds good right?


BUT…we’ve learned that there are some pitfalls along the way that can have a huge negative affect on your marketing efforts. In this post, I’ll focus just on a small technical tweak we can all do to significantly increase our opens and clicks…and therefore our conversions!

Central to all that we do in Empower Network is email marketing – right? Because we’re taught to build our email subscriber list through various marketing modalities, you may have a story like us…where 7 months in, we’ve come from starting with nothing…no list, no internet marketing experience, etc..

…to having built a subscriber list of almost 10,000 people worldwide!

Now let’s talk about deliverability, opens and clicks

So you’ve built (or are building) a big list – you’re broadcasting to it regularly, offering valuable content, solid marketing, etc to your subscriber base…right? If not, you’re missing the boat. [Refer to lessons 8-9 in the $15k Formula for several hours of expert level training on exactly what kinds of things to communicate in your emails.]

I’m putting this post together today to share with you a little known trick that will significantly increase your deliverability, and thus your opens and clicks.

This isn’t a post about how the Empower Network domain is blacklisted (because it isn’t), or about how certain words have been deemed “spammy” by most or all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) of any consequence. Although certain words do trigger spam filters, that actually has a much smaller effect on deliverability and if you’re using an autoresponder like Aweber (that’s what I use and recommend) well then you’ve got a nifty SpamAssassin(TM) tool built right in. (Keep that score to 5 or less and you’re good!)

The little trick that’ll instantly increase your opens and clicks is…

Well I better show ya – here’s a screencast video I just did, showing my account and how to get this done real quick:

Opens and clicks!
Click on the pic to learn the trick!

This is a 10 minute bi-monthly routine that will increase your opens and clicks!! I neglected to point out in the video that you MUST not use a free email address with Aweber. Go grab a domain of your own and use that!

Go put this to use right now and watch your numbers climb!

NOTE: If you’d like a quick and dirty tutorial on How To send out a broadcast (using Aweber) to your list, check out this blog post I did back in November 2012.