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Yesterday morning I took my boys out exploring. Our hope was to find a Nine Banded Armadillo. We didn’t find any armadillos, but we did have a lot of fun and had a funny conversation that you gotta hear…


My 7 year old was educating his brother and I on the new “Skylander Giants” toys and game out from…I don’t even know who, but he’s slowly been buying up all the Skylander characters to go with his XBox game.
He ended up on the topic of money, making money, and how hard it is (in his view). He earns money around the house by doing all (yep all!) of our laundry, putting away clean dishes, sweeping the floors, cleaning up the yard (we have lots of trees), etc, etc….so to him, earning money is hard!
I wasn’t really thinking when I responded by saying something like “Ya know, the best way to make money is while you’re sleeping! ”. The timing is so great, because check out what happened last night while we were all sleeping:

$525 came in while we slept!

I took this screenshot at 9:22 this morning, and since then I’ve had another $1600 worth of sales go through…so in the last 24 hours, that puts me at $2125!

Have you ever made money while you sleep?
Have you ever had a $2000+ day?

I’m not doing anything you can’t do, right from home.

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Here’s to a great day!