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In short? Because I saw the 80/20 rule playing out across my previous business and couldn’t stand it anymore!

When I turned my focus from making money, to serving people, everything in my life improved!

I just cut this video to explain more:

(Audio cuts out for about 15 sec at one point, FYI)

80/20 rule? Huh?


This is a universal principle in life, and for purposes of our MLM application, it basically states that 80% of your income will come from 20% of your recruits.  In reality, I’ve seen this to be more like 95/5.

In other words, 95% of my income originated from 5% of my recruits.

If you’ve built an organization of any size, you’ve seen this to be true. It’s the norm.  In the standard MLM business model, these 95%ers all fail.

“Wait. What do you mean, they ‘fail’?”

Glad you asked! (lol)

Before I dive into that, let me say this. “Failure” feels different when the customer has received something of tangible value. For instance, in a company like Melaleuca, when 95% of those customers fail, well, what did failure cost them?  Toothpaste, shampoo, and semi-healthy snacks? Stuff they were going to buy anyway?  That’s how I see it.

Some would argue that these 95%ers haven’t truly failed if they didn’t give it a “good effort”.  The cop out among big recruiters is typically something like “I’m not forcing them to buy into my deal…they’re choosing to spend their money, and if they then choose not to give this any effort, that’s outside of my control”.

Ok, sure.


When you know with absolute certainty that over 90% are going to fail, how do you wake up every day and happily go continue to “build”?  (What are you really building when it’s rotting out from under you faster than you can keep up?)

I’d argue that the business model is broken in the first place.  From over 60 years of statistics in Network Marketing, we know for a verifiable fact that the huge majority fail.

Here’s how I’m defining the word “fail”:

No income earned.

In my experience, people join “opportunities” specifically to MAKE MONEY…

Therefore when they don’t make money, in their eyes (and in mine), they’ve failed.

I watched thousands of people fail in 2013, and when it finally struck me that I wasn’t serving anyone but myself in that business, my passion and drive immediately went away. Problem was, I had a high cost of living to maintain, and didn’t have the luxury of much time to relax and figure out my next move. Fortunately, I’d heard about DS Domination from an old friend of mine (thanks Aaron Andrews!), so it was on my radar as something to check out.

He told me that the product was a money maker…in other words, a new customer/member could buy the $20 product, and then use that product to make money FAST. No loopholes, no games, no gimmicks…just solid training on Drop Shipping, something many people have turned into a multi-million dollar business online!

Early on in DSD (they’ve been around all of 4 months at the time of this writing, and I’ve been working here for about 2 of those months), it struck me that working here is like working in “Opposite World” …a place where the MAJORITY of participants succeed!!

Don’t the majority of people in our niche
join “opportunities” specifically to make
money? And usually lots of it?

Here’s what some of that success looks like:

Cindy Kelley Pete C happy with traffic Tina W making money


How about some screenshots from our private Facebook group, “Make Money Online With Us”:

James B success 4 days in! Amy J $100+ profit! Erica M first sale! Ike N $100 profit! Jesse A 50+ sales Kathy C $200 week! Keely big sale Nam D 60 sales!

I have over 400 more screenshots like these (literally), and I only grab a handful of what I could be grabbing each day. Watching and getting to be a part of so many people’s success is the most fun I’ve ever had in any kind of MLM or Network Marketing. This is a rush everyone should experience!

So let’s talk about numbers…bigger, stickier residuals!

DSD pays out 50% commissions on all of your personal recruiting. Recruit 10 people who are paying the $20/mo fee for the Pro training, and you’ve got $100/mo in residual income. As those people succeed and decide to move on to the next training level in their drop shipping business, they buy the Elite training product. This gives your people an open door to much bigger margins, exclusive drop ship sources, and more – and it gives you a nice $50/mo bump in residual!

The company average upsell ratio from Pro to Elite is 30%. So in this example, after about a month, your residual income would be approximately $250!  Keep in mind, this is without beginning to take any duplication into consideration, and in my experience so far, duplication is NUTS!

After 2 months here, my personal residual income is already over $9000/mo.

Q. Why is this “stickier” than most MLM “residual” incomes?

A. Because of the success here. Across the board, the majority succeeding, means the majority are sticking. Bottom line.

This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen in MLM to a “win win win”!

And that’s why I’m here. I get to succeed, and SO DOES MY TEAM.

If you haven’t taken a hard look at this yet, do it now! You can make serious bank like I have, AND your team can win at the same time! Imagine the extra growth, excitement, and lasting residuals!