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Oh boy! What an insane few months it’s been!

Since August of this year, I’ve traveled to the middle east, met hundreds of new people, built ANOTHER network marketing team of over 6400 plus people, launched my own Internet Marketing product, and had several months of back-to-back record breaking income for myself and my family.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through all of this it’s that camel milk lattes taste incredibly similar to cow milk ones!

Joking aside, I really have learned that I NEED to establish my personal brand for the long term.

I’ve had thousands of people “look” for me online in the past couple years, and it’s become really clear that many of them have a difficult time finding me when they do.

Of course, my name doesn’t help much… The truth is, I’m EVERYWHERE online. But good luck finding something when you don’t know how to spell it!

Christian Heineken

Kristian Hennike (Just Do It?)


Christian Hoenicke


Henickee (tis the season)

Hoenickle (remember when candy used to cost this much?)

And so on, and so forth… My name pretty much sucks for being Internet famous.

I’ve literally asked my wife on several occasions if she would be OK with us legally changing our name to something WAY easier to remember. You know, something like John Smith or Mike Johnson.

Of course she thought I was insane, that is… until she started immediately noticing how much pain we were putting ourselves through during visits to the DMV, signing up for cable, changing our address, or anything else that required communicating our name to others.

Lately she’s come around to the idea! But mom and dad aren’t on board yet… ah well!

So, I’ve decided to simply tackle these issues head-on by being more visible with my personal brand, contributing to my blog in a big way, and establishing a few alternative ways to discover me when people are looking.

With that said, it pleases me to announce that my personal domain: — and it’s companion newsletter, will be my permanent home… where you can follow my journeys regardless of what I’m up to.

i had a job once.

In addition, I’ll be repeating my life’s mantra and tagline: “I had a job once” in videos, interviews, and everywhere else you see me.

Now if you want to tell your friends about me it’s as easy as: — instead of accidentally giving them the name of a mediocre European beer.

I’ll be writing about all sorts of fun stuff, but one of the major recurring themes will be expert-level education and commentary on video marketing, since that’s been the cornerstone of much of my success for the past couple years.

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