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Do You Make New Years’ Resolutions?

My wife and I had a funny exchange yesterday about resolutions that will absolutely for sure be fulfilled this year, and others that are iffy (unless we really dig in and commit).

Do you do this? My wife and I made a couple new resolutions last night before we went out to see Les Miserables at the theater, and within a couple hours of committing, we were already following through! They were:

–Spend LOTS of time on Facebook every week
–Consume large amounts of chocolate, pie, and other favorite desserts
–Go on more dates (with my wife, lol)
……etc…you get the idea

Seriously now…Have you made real resolutions for this new year?

If you haven’t yet, do you want to? Have you been wanting change, but just haven’t pulled the trigger? Made that serious calculated decision to really make changes this year?

I’d like to tell you a little about what led up to my choosing to become involved with The Empower Network in late September, 2012. It’s changed my daily routine dramatically and made me more effective in many areas of my life. I wake up focused and confident every single day now…knowing the plan to continue cranking out a great income online.

It wasn’t a set of resolutions that I made per say, but I had hit a wall financially over the summer of 2012, and by September was in a position where I just HAD to make some kind of move financially.

I started poking around on Facebook one day and discovered a guy named Tony Rush, who had been working online for 11 months (at that point), and had earned something like $350,000 already. I asked him a few questions that day…ended up asking for his advice as to what to do…what to focus on, where to start, etc.

He pointed me to The Empower Network.

I Made Resolutions Early on that have Served Me Well

One of the HUGE resolutions I made my first day at Empower was to consistently stick to my “daily routine” – it’s something Empower teaches. With the automation and leverage offered through the structure and system already in place, the idea is that you can cram a ton of productive activity into a small amount of time, and with the leverage offered by Empower, big money comes out the other end.

That’s absolutely been the case for me – I’ve earned much more than we need to cover all the bills, and I’ve done that by sticking to what’s taught, on a part time basis (2 hours per day, consistently).

Can You Really Add $100,000 to Your Income This Year With Just A Couple Simple Resolutions?

Um ….yep. You really can. These resolutions will directly impact your mindset and activity for 1-2 hours of your day, every single day. IF you can really commit to and accomplish that, you can absolutely have the kind of results Tony Rush and I have had.

I’m just gonna say it.

If you can re-purpose just 2 hours per day consistently, and have access to a decent computer with solid internet, you can add a new FULL TIME income, for consistent part time work on your part. That “work” is your daily routine. (Taught at The Empower Network)

Check out this video I made a couple weeks ago about resolutions

I sent this to my list (learned how to build a list at The Empower Network) a couple weeks ago, so some of it may not totally make sense to you at first, but here’s a chance to check me out yappin about all this stuff on video (it’s short)

So… are you ready to throw yourself into a whole new routine that will make for a completely different 2013? For most people it’s a new morning routine, or a new evening routine…instead of watching TV or reading, or whatever, fit this stuff in…and get used to it. Make it a new daily habit!

A couple small new resolutions REALLY can add up! I hope this is encouraging, and I hope to see you on the inside soon! (Click on any of the banners around my blog, and I’ll be happy to work with you personally!)