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Occasionally I’m asked about “saturation” in our business. Some imagine that after 10s of 1000s of people around the world jump on the bandwagon here with DSD, the opportunity may be diminished.

My quick response has been something like “We’re having a similar effect to commerce (& drop shipping) that throwing a tea spoon of water into the ocean would have”. This answer hasn’t been immensely satisfying (or effective), so here’s a detailed breakdown on why I believe the opportunity with DS Domination is vast…almost beyond comprehension:

Point One:

  • In 2012 eBay sales were $75.3 billion
  • Every 5 seconds a cell phone is sold on eBay
  • Every 6 seconds a pair of shoes is sold on eBay
  • Every 49 minutes a Ford Mustang is sold on eBay
  • There are 147 million+ active buyers and sellers worldwide on eBay
  • Every day there are 250 million + queries to the eBay search engine
  • There are 500 million + live global listings on eBay
  • There are 2+ billion page views each day on eBay

Staggering statistics eh? ūüôā

Our “Pro” level training for $19.95/mo focuses purely on the basics. Building your drop shipping business from thin air, leveraging eBay and Amazon exclusively. What many don’t realize though is that eBay/Amazon are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building a big lucrative drop shipping business.

Pro Training edited

So if we add to this conversation the stats for Amazon, and all of the Elite sources* (which all combined¬†at 5 times larger than eBay and Amazon), it’d take millions of people before it’s¬†even a ‘blip on the radar’ of saturation.

This is not some loophole that if enough people are exploiting it’ll get shut down.¬†This is participating in the same thing that has been going on since the beginning¬†of humanity – commerce. The only way DSD gets saturated is if people stop¬†buying and selling altogether (not happening).

Point Two:

DSD is building internal drop shipping systems (manufacturing, shipping, inventory) which means a large drop shipping business with DSD will be able to be run much more independently as DSD continues to grow.

Point Three:

The COM system (cost-offset-model) makes sure that there is no longer the¬†mathematical guarantee of doom that every other MLM has. Other MLMs have a¬†time limit in which they need to get as many people in with the promise of money¬†as possible, because inevitably people begin to realize they’ve been had and¬†mathematically 95% HAVE to fail. With DSD, that’s not the case at all, so that¬†idea of saturation doesn’t even apply.

Final point…

This is not a company that’s limited to the 30 million or so active MLMers in the¬†US. The market for DSD is everyone, not just the mlmers/biz opp guys. This is¬†why DSD doesn’t even emphasize the affiliate side all that much in the beginning,¬†because we don’t need to. The traditional idea of ‘saturation’ in the limited mlm¬†audience doesn’t apply here at all.

In my short experience with DSD so far, I’m seeing people from over 25 countries having near immediate success (profits within their first week of getting started with us). Commerce (online) continues to trend upwards every year, which continues to add to our already staggering statistics.

You can’t go wrong building a drop shipping business here. And if you enjoy team building, recruiting, and marketing…this is the best place I’ve ever seen to build a successful, happy team …fast!

*Elite is DS Domination’s 2nd tier of training and software offered, and is part of the natural progression of education available to aspiring drop shippers!