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I recently wrote a 2014 recap talking about some of the stuff that contributed to what ended up being my best year ever. One of those items being what I call “The 90 Day Push” — or T90DP as it’ll be referred to in this post and throughout my blog.

I promised you I’d go more in depth on this particular subject, since I believe it has been one of the core ingredients to the most successful times in my life. So here it is!

“The 90 Day Push” – 90 consecutive days of extreme focus and productivity aimed squarely at the primary income producing activities in your niche, business, industry, etc. Nothing is more important for those 90 consecutive days. No excuses. No distractions. Sleep and other essential activities are done in the minimum amount required for you to be maximally effective at your tasks.

Most humans can’t pull this off for one reason or another. That’s why I’m here to help you with a few simple rules to give you the best chance at success with T90DP.

The 90 Day Push

The rules of T90DP: (Do NOT try it without abiding by these!)

1. Permission – This is the most important rule by far.

You must be transparent and get permission from both yourself AND your loved ones FIRST. You all need to know how the next 90 days are going to play out, and get some ground rules set. Will you break for dinner each day, or eat in your office to avoid disruption? Will you be available for the activities you normally don’t miss out on? Will you be going to bed later than usual, and waking earlier?

If you don’t get clear on every potential threat to your 90 day push, you will fail… and your day to day experience of this will be more stressful than necessary.

Ask yourself — Who will this affect? How will it affect them (and me)? How can we work together to mitigate or nullify the potential damage for 90 days? (One of the other rules below will help you with this!)

2. Be Deliberate – Identify the specific tasks you’ll be executing during T90DP.

First, you need to be 100% certain that the project or business you’re working on during T90DP will pay off in a big way due to your increased efforts. Otherwise, it’s NOT worth it for you or those you got permission from in rule #1.

My most recent, and by FAR the most life-changing 90 day push I’ve had was spent working on this business, because it provides not only significant pay short term, but clear long-term benefits and income from the work I do today.

That’s not enough though! You have to dig in and find the specific activities that produce income and focus your all-out, massive action…on those things, and only those things.

Even if you’re 100% sure you have a worthwhile “thing” to work on, you won’t see the lasting benefits from it unless you’re executing the right tasks each day! Specifically the tasks that create lasting growth, big income, more users, more sales, etc.

Do NOT spend your time over-analyzing, doing daily drudge work (worthless emails, organizing your desk, Facebook, etc), or spending too much time on anything that doesn’t quickly and noticeably move the needle forward.

3. Rewards – This is your parachute… without it, you won’t live to jump another day.

Design a BIG reward for yourself and all who endured T90DP with you. This is a non-negotiable reward that you decide on BEFORE T90DP, and MUST be fulfilled no matter what, immediately after the 90 days is over.

I would recommend something relatively relaxing, yet extremely rewarding for everyone.

I’ve done things like; rented a large home in Florida (when I lived in Texas) and treated the family to Disney, beaches, etc. Or the most recent one… we went on a week-long Caribbean cruise.

The intention here is to de-stress everyone, reconnect with each other, and provide a lasting memory that makes T90DP worthwhile… no matter how successful you were (or weren’t). This will also help you to embark on another big push in the future… though the results you were able to achieve this time will be a factor as well!

There is no doubt in my mind that “The 90 Day Push” has been a major factor in every extraordinary year I’ve had in business. This has held true for my friends and business partners who have trusted me enough to try it themselves. And I ensure you, it’ll hold true for you as well.

Just as long as you stick to the rules!

Now get off your butt and get started!