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It’s been just over 13 months since I threw in with Empower Network and their hybrid “opportunity”. A little MLM flavor here and there, but the mechanics of what we do (what I do) day to day are VERY different.

Years and years ago when I was (very) actively pursuing success in MLM-world, these kinds of things would make up my “work day” (which was EVERY day btw):

Make sure my many cell phone batteries are fully charged
Make sure bluetooth headsets are fully charged
Work through email and voicemails
Babysit lots of people (someone got the wrong flavor of protein shake from the company and needs me to rescue them)
Start pounding the phone…cold calling leads
Miss lunch (lovingly prepared by my wife)
Handle never ending “3 way calls”
Start eating my now cold lunch
Pretend I’m having a great time
More babysitting and 3 way calls
More stress
On to second batteries in all devices
More cold calling
Call leaders individually, help steel (prepare) them for home parties this week…make sure they’ve got people showing up so I’m not wasting my time
Obsess about where my next $1000 is coming from so I can avoid going over the limit on all 4 of my credit cards
Pretend I have total time freedom
After constant (mental) exertion all day, crash in front of the TV

…I could have easily made that 40 points.

But hopefully you get the idea. Constant frenetic energy, lots of stress, lots of obsessing about where the next recruit was coming from…everything but “freedom”.

THIS is the grind the ultimately drove me back to traditional business for several years.

Enter Empower Network, Fall of 2012

Wait…I don’t have to use my phone? I don’t have to “hunt” constantly (for my next recruit)? I don’t have to sell? I don’t have to inappropriately discuss business in social situations?

Yeah, none of that.

Here’s what an average “work day” looks like for me now:

Wake up whenever
Realize I have no stress
Enjoy family time and breakfast
Get through about half of my work for the day, in 30-45 minutes, which includes:
Listen to music while working through email, Skype messages, FB messages, etc
Blog and/or Broadcast to my list
Make sure my marketing is on track
Education – reading and/or reviewing new tutorial content
What is distinctly MISSING from my life this past year are all the things that NOBODY wants to do. Selling, stressing, constantly grinding it out….

The affiliate marketing/MLM hybrid that Empower Network has put together allows me to work VERY strategically, from wherever I am, leveraging the internet globally to easily earn a significant income.

My “income producing activities” are clear cut and make sense. Outcomes are predictable and fun. The skills I’ve learned and developed here will serve me well for the rest of my life.

I get to shoot candid videos like this (this one has earned me well over $7000 so far!)


Instead of babysitting and pandering all the time, I get to Empower others from all over the world…empower them to “delete their inner wussy” and take charge of their own business, employing the same strategies I’ve used to build a multiple six figure income.

I’ll probably have a $5000+ day today and will have “worked” all of 90 minutes.

See our income disclosure here. (It’s awesome)

Closing Thoughts:

The style of marketing taught by Empower Network allows formerly inefficient, stressed out and overworked people to quickly learn and implement strategies to capitalize on huge demand globally for all kinds of products and services.

I’ve finally learned how to properly market. How to build a huge, responsive list. How to outsource and gain significant leverage in several areas of my life and business.

Not only have I learned how to market, but when I take on a new affiliate, they are now in a position to quickly learn list building, marketing, leverage, etc…and within a few months, this “newbie” can (and often does) go from “don’t know anything about internet marketing” to a very well compensated Affiliate/Internet Marketing Pro.

I’ve done it, you can too.

Jump on my email list to check out the video I saw that was my introduction to Empower Network (and to see how I market from the inside). Maybe I’ll see ya “on the inside” soon huh?