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Ok, ok… that might be a little dramatically self-deprecating.

I certainly wasn’t THE dumbest person on earth… but when it came to the subject of Internet Marketing prior to 2013, I certainly felt like I was.

I felt dumb...


I knew NOTHING Internet Marketing… literally nothing, except that other people were killing it and living lavish leveraged lifestyles, while I continued doing things the hard way.

A few of those Internet rock stars were friends of mine, and offered to teach me a thing or two. But I was always content to be envious of them — never thinking that a non-technical person like me could reproduce even a shred of their results in the seemingly uber-technical world of the Interwebs.

Then I went broke AGAIN, hit the rockiest rock bottom of my life, and almost lost everything.

When I say everything, I’m not just talking about a place to live, my car, and personal belongings. My wife could no longer handle the financial roller coaster ride I had put my family on for the past 10+ years, and and understandably so… it was sickening.

Faced with being literally homeless, she and the kids flew back to Seattle to stay with her parents, without a return flight.

This is where I found the lowest lows of my life.

Within a couple months, I moved into a tiny rat-hole one-bedroom apartment in Austin, but things weren’t getting better, really.

I was broken.

I HAD to get my crap together fast, and it had to be REAL this time… not some flash in the pan that fell apart in 12 months.

The problem was that I was easily confused. I could learn money making methods until my face turned blue, but if I didn’t know where to apply them — or how to start, step by step, I would get overstimulated and give up before starting.

If I could identify just one thing about myself that I can trust 100%, it is my ability to put my head down and follow the “rules” — or follow step-by-step instructions without deviating.

And so the search began. If I could just find a system that works, I could execute it tirelessly — I’ve always been that way.

Lightning struck, and if you’ve been following me at all, you’ll know that I got my start in Internet Marketing through a program called Empower Network (EN).

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend EN today, it was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. A clear, step-by-step, ABC123 set of instructions that was resulting in massive incomes for the people who followed it perfectly at that time.

Which I knew I could do! So I put the blinders on followed their system. Relentlessly.

I wanted my family back. I wanted to sleep in a bed again. I wanted my bank account to have more than 3 digits in it.

It worked, and I succeeded at all of the above. Within months I was earning a significant chunk of change, over $500k in 2013! I earned my wife’s trust back, and put my life together again — stronger than ever.

Luckily, the videos and systems I was following to make money with EN were all focused on Internet Marketing tactics, most of which were general enough to be applicable outside of the program.

In the end, EN was the bootcamp introduction to Internet Marketing that helped propel me to where I am today.

“OK, Kristian” you say, “what’s the point? Where do I begin since you don’t recommend EN anymore?”

Good question. Here’s the answer.

Fast forward to today… I’ve now learned a LOT about Internet Marketing. I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet, spend time, and become friends with some of the greatest minds and earners in the space.

We all have one singular thing in common: people beat down our doors and burn up our phone lines constantly, asking for our advice on how to make money in our world.

So I recently invited a handful of the most successful marketers in my Rolodex (remember those?!) to a private mastermind weekend in Miami to figure out how to give that advice to more people, more often, without having to be on the phone or Skype 24/7.

We refused to leave the hotel until we were happy with the solution. And boy are we ever.

The result of this mastermind will be baked into our new project, called Home Business Labs (HBL).

A system for creating wealth on the Internet.

A system for creating wealth on the Internet.

The idea for HBL is simple. We’re providing anyone, even the world’s dumbest person (like I was!), with the absolute best instructions and tools to get them started making money online.

No confusion. No BS.

Just ultra-quality, step-by-step, ABC123 videos, tutorials, and advanced tools, straight from some of the most successful folks on the web today.

While I’m personally coming off the best year of my life in 2014, I can’t imagine how much further along I’d be right now if I had a resource like the one we’re creating with HBL.

Of course, this is all shameless self-promotion, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t give it to you straight.

There ARE other ways to learn Internet Marketing and make great money on the web. There are forums, membership sites, books, and more information than you can ever imagine on the topic. And a ton of it is free!

You just have to be good at wading through it all and finding your way.

The reason for HBL is to systemize it all and show you the way.

To provide a simple blueprint for those of us who have an easier time following proven instructions than finding our own way, myself included!

Plus we have some cutting edge tools and information going into HBL that are completely exclusive and won’t be found anywhere else.

Check it out and get started. It’s growing daily.

No matter what though… DON’T wait to hit rock bottom like I did. This would be a great place to start your 90 Day Push!