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Quick post today…had to get this outta my head!

I know why Empower Network punches wussies in the face!

I have over 13 years of experience as a full time MLMer. While I’m not necessarily proud (or ashamed) of that fact, it does give me a unique vantage point coming into Empower Network…which I would call an Affiliate/MLM hybrid.

I learned from many people in MLM that were producing checks of well over $20k/mo, even a few who averaged over $70k/mo for YEARS…

…I learned that to do well in MLM, you had to REALLY take care of your group. Want some examples?

  • When the phone rings….PICK IT UP (no matter if it’s your daughters’ birthday, your 10th wedding anniversary, New Years’ Eve at 11:48 pm (true story), or on your “vacation” to Hawaii….which isn’t really quite a real vacation because you’ve taken your “leash” with you…your cell phone.
  • Host “milk and cookie” parties at your home…regularly. By doing this, you’re leading by example. Sacrificing the privacy of your home, making your family go hide out in another room or be somewhere else, so you can lead the group in a “business presentation” or a product pitch of some sort.
  • When your new customer “Mildred” calls explaining to you that she meant to order the vanilla flavored shake instead of the strawberry, but that she just got her box and it had the strawberry one in it…….you FIX IT. You call customer service and explain what happened, and make sure the vanilla gets shipped out!
  • When your new recruit calls to tell you that he’s “already called everyone I know, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make this work…” You’ve gotta go into “rescue this recruit” mode, do a bunch of hand holding and babysitting, pussy footing around the idea that he probably knows LOTS more people, and even if he doesn’t, you’ll show him how to ask for referrals all the time! Never ending list you can grind on now buddy!!
  • Oh….the phone thing. You can never be without your phone. God forbid you miss a call (especially if you’re making $4000-$6000/mo…and you’re in a space where EVERY CALL MATTERS). How many times over the years did I carefully explain to my wife that I can’t NOT answer the phone..?

I made something in the ballpark of $1,000,000 in my MLM career, and literally the entire time, I felt like I was running a 24/7 adult daycare facility.  Granted, I could have done a lot better…

I could have organized my time, set some basic ground rules, etc, etc…but I’m telling you…I went from company to company every 18-36 months, experienced many leadership styles and trainings, and I networked with literally 1000s and 1000s of people who did what I’ve outlined above, some literally for decades!

So why does Empower Network punch wussies in the face?

My personal take on this is that the leadership realizes that the MLM space is predominantly made up of grinders and well intentioned people that have made a habit of excuses and failure. They’ve become used to “calling their upline” with every little speed bump they encounter, and in the process have taught that to their following.

There aren’t and never were any system or structure to much of anything, it was always just the pressure to some how crank out new customers and recruits …indefinitely, however you could pull that off.

So..lots of people (like me) have come out of that MLM space and bring tons of awful baggage with them.

Dave Wood and Dave Sharp @ Empower Network knew better than to allow a shred of any of this …lame wussy self defeating entitled enabling bullshit…to get close to what they endeavored to build here, so right from the get go we heard things like “Fight the Forces of Evil”, “Delete your inner Wussy”, “Release your Inner Badass”, and “We punch wussies in the face!”.

Doesn’t that send the message that you shouldn’t jump into Empower and expect any of those old dis-empowering attitudes and actions to come with you…they (we) just won’t put up with it. Get out. Go somewhere else.

It’s been awesome.

Since Empower enforces a NO WUSSY zone, and has proven automation and structure built in, here’s my new reality lately:

  • Efficient aggressive leveraged effort
  • When I do encounter a whiner or a wussy, I don’t hesitate to (briefly) call them out and challenge them to delete their inner wussy, make powerful confident decisions and move forward in their own lives (or get out)
  • No more “leash”! (I haven’t and don’t use the phone for prospecting, waiting for people to call me back, etc, etc…no more of that!)
  • I get to GET PAID to build my own assets! My lists are MINE. I’ve learned how to efficiently build targeted email lists…and in the process have made well over $100,000 online so far (in just over 8 months, starting from scratch).
  • I have as close to total freedom as I’ve ever had in my married life. My wife and I decided earlier that we’re buying 1 way tickets to Panama and when we’ve had enough, we’ll come home (OR…if we love it out there, we’ll come back, sell our stuff here, and move out there!!).
  • A few days ago, we spur of the moment decided to head down to the beach for a few days (Galveston)…leaving on a Tuesday. We didn’t have to ask permission from anyone, or even let anyone know what we were doing!
  • We pay for everything with cash. No more debt, no more credit.

Enough ranting and raving for today…

These things have been on my mind for awhile, and I get asked questions about the differences between standard MLM and Empower Network. I also occasionally run into people are living in that wussy zone and have to whack them upside the head and wake them up. Now I can use this blog post for a bit of that 🙂