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ATTN MLMers/Network Marketers:

Before I dive into my main thought here, first a rant:

Generally speaking, businesses that thrive in the real world are businesses that fill a need really well. Flimsy “programs” pitching “tons of money for no work” aren’t filling a need – they’re targeting desperate or greedy (or lazy) people, betting they’ll pull in enough suckers to make a ton of money.

At best, they are temporary games, and when the dust settles, the majority have gotten stepped on and received nothing of value in the process.

Awful right? I hope you’re not participating in one of those shallow, weak attempts at a money grab by a couple schemers that threw the program together last week and started spamming Facebook.

If you are, course correct right away – pull your money out if you can, and instead choose a real company, that provides a valuable product or service for a fair price, and start to learn to market effectively.

Most Network Marketers SUCK at Marketing

We’re shown a really brilliant idea or product or service and get sucked into the “business” in just a matter of minutes most of the time, right? And what have most of us been taught all these years?

Make a list of everyone you know
Chase everyone on that list
…sometimes with the help of an upline willing and eager to do “3 way calls” at all hours of the day and night (birthdays, holidays, etc)
Hold milk and cookie parties …inviting ALL of your friends (and their friends) to come try out products and/or see a presentation
As witnessed by ALL of us..another common tactic is to get Hootsuite (or something like that) set up so all the social media channels can be spammed easily and constantly. Great value add for all of us huh? Ugh.

Network marketing can be a nightmare, and for most that’s all it ever is. The great news here is that YOU are in control!

A huge majority of Network Marketers have never had any solid marketing training…

If you’re one of those Network Marketers that hasn’t had any solid, currently applicable marketing training, you can choose different.

For the better part of 15 years, I was one of those untrained, constantly grinding it out, network marketers.

The next couple paragraphs can be written because I made a decision to really commit to the process at the Empower Network. I chose to go all in, day one, and I did that with strong intentions of bringing it. Really. I didn’t do anything creative, I just learned and applied the content as presented by the resident experts that provide training at EN.

So check this out…

My wife and I are averaging over $700/day online since Jan 1, 2013.

That’s from scratch – having started online less than 12 months ago. Get this – we’re not the only ones producing life changing financial results like this – there are hundreds of us already, soon to be thousands – that have chosen to dive in and take this seriously (albeit part time!)

The product we market is very well priced and over delivers. The global need/demand is huge and growing every day.

$700/day average is nothing in the global marketplace – we will have no trouble continuing to scale up and reach a daily averages into the many thousands of dollars, part time, with minimal hired help (eventually we’ll hire an assistant or two).

HEY DESPERATE, UNTRAINED Network Marketers: We’ve done all of this without

spamming anyone or anything (on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc…).
having a single phone conversation with “upline”
having to “prospect” (at all)
calling grandma, mom/dad, etc
having thinly veiled recruiting “meetings” of any kind
Can you imagine being able to effectively market? Being able to so significantly leverage your time and efforts with a proven system that you could make full time money on part time effort?

It’s the dream right?

I LOVE this quote from Tony Robbins – it cuts to the core of the message I have in mind with this post:

“You see, ten years from now, you will surely arrive. The question is: Where? Who will you have become? How will you live? What will you contribute? Now is the time to design the next ten years of your life—not once they’re over.”
I’m not trying to talk you into becoming a Network Marketer

I’m operating on the assumption that you have been attracted to this profession for various reasons – good for you (seriously)! I’m trying to rattle your cage …like I wish someone had done for me years ago.

I wasn’t proactively designing anything, I was operating daily with the constant sense and pressure that I must continue grinding. Day after day, call after call, 3 way after 3 way, meeting after meeting, company after company…

Follow me here…

…if you needed the starter changed out on your car, and you were going to hire someone to get that done for you, who would you hire? I know you know where I’m going with this.

It’s YOUR choice. Why not choose to work with someone that has proven to have the knowledge, skill, commitment, and focus to lead you in this arena collaborate with, scheme with, and profit with?

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, etc…are great ways to take great products and services to market. But if you don’t know how to market effectively, and/or you got suckered into a flimsy excuse for a money grab, make a powerful decision right now and course correct. Your family and friends on Facebook can thank me later 🙂

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Me being interviewed by John Fraser at an event in Denver last month